New Generation 12W Wall Mount Adapter, and what is IEC 61558 Safety Standard? Jun 08, 2024

Compared to the old generation of 5W~18W KS39DU US/AU/UK/EU/CN/KR plug adaptor series that has been on the market for years, the new generation case has a significant distinction. The main difference lies in its simultaneous compliance with various safety standards such as 62368-1 and 61558-1 , as well as additional certifications of CCC / UKCA / SAA(RCM). With the compact profile design, it prevents occupying adjacent outlets, and Flame retardant PC material, matte finish, scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint. This ac to dc converter is a high-quality, portable and fully certified wall-mounted green adaptor, ideal for a variety of consumer electronics, led devices, or home application.

IEC 61558 is a series of standards maintained by the IEC Technical Committee (TC) 96 – “Transformers, Reactors, Power Supply Units and Combinations Thereof”. Among the many international technical standards aimed at ensuring product quality and safety, IEC 61558 is important to engineers working with any equipment that contains a transformer or power supply. IEC 61558 protects buyers against unsafe products and enables responsible suppliers to demonstrate adherence to accepted safety principles. Making that commitment can ease product certification and save time in the test house.IEC 61558 comprises two parts:

61558-1 contains general specifications

61558-2 presents requirements for specific product types

Note that part 2 specifications may include additional or different limitations on input and output ratings. All part 1 specifications must be met unless superseded by a part 2 requirement. All products must comply with an applicable part 2.

IEC 61558 certification requires compliance with the 61558-1 general requirements and the relevant part 2. If two part 2 conditions apply, compliance with both is required.

Various IEC product standards refer to 61558 as a means of ensuring the overall safety of products that contain transformers and/or power supplies. Some examples include:

  • IEC 60335-1 safety of household and similar appliances
  • IEC 60204-1 electrical equipment of machines
  • IEC 60598-1 luminaires
  • IEC 60730-1 automatic electrical controls for household and similar use
  • IEC 61347-1 lamp control gear

There are 18 part-2 specifications relating to various types of transformers, such as separating transformers, control transformers, isolating transformers, and product-specific applications such as transformers for use in toys, or in the ignition systems of oil and gas burners. Switch mode power supplies are covered in parts 2-16. Figure 1 shows these part-2 specifications in relation to the general IEC 61558-1 requirement.

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